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Alviela News 2021

Following the speleological research project at the Alviela Olhos de Água spring, started in 2018 and carried out by the partnership AESDA – Association for Underground Studies and Environmental Protection and XploraSub – Underwater Studies Association, it is with great satisfaction and pride that we tell you about our achievements during 2021.

Further 280 meters of new passages were discovered and surveyed, and a new passage connects the East and West sectors of the cave. The various mapped passages are at maximum depths of 134, 153 and 215 meters. The maximum dive duration amounts to 481 minutes!

An updated topography of this underwater cave is released, with more than 2100 meters mapped and with 222 meters of total height gap, of which 215 are underwater.

These results were only possible thanks to an effective teamwork, with the huge dedication of the cave divers involved, more than a dozen, and the tireless work of numerous speleologists. The support of Seacraft and IQSUB, as well as our other supporters, was critical.

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